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A great space saving idea, especially when you live in a tiny home.

Bedroom with library

Bedroom with library

White bedroom

White bedroom

Unusual bedroom
Do you have a sophisticated taste?  Then I bet you’ll find something of interest here

Unusual bedroom

Do you have a sophisticated taste?  Then I bet you’ll find something of interest here

Cozy, rustic bedroom

A Wonderful Fairy Bedroom

Kids have their own world. It is a world of innocence and magic. They are attracted by fairy tales, adventures, a life full of action and color.

A perfect design for their room should comprise these elements. Everything must be colorful, imitate magic characters from fairy tales and joyful. Fairy Bedroom  is an example of such kids’ room. You can see many elements that make you feel that you have entered a magic world. Here you can find many natural elements like trees, mushrooms, plants, birdhouses .Some of them hide the necessary things that a kid needs in his bedroom. The bed looks like a raft or a ship that is ready to explore unknown lands. It makes you think of all Huckleberryfin’s funny adventures on the Mississippi river.

Kids will love such a colorful and joyful room where everything inspires you adventure, fun and fantasy.

How about a turquoise bedroom?

How about a turquoise bedroom?

How to pick a color scheme:

Start with Wallpaper

As wallpaper continues to make its comeback, consider it as the foundation of your color scheme. The whimsical white and gold pattern on the wallpaper in this room inspired the use of yellows throughout the bedroom.

Editor’s Tip: If your wallpaper is very bold, use it to dress up one wall, then paint the other walls in a coordinating color.

America’s Heritage. The entire room is decorated with The Joe Ruggiero Collection for Sunbrella.

Cool bedroom under the stars by Quantum Glass

Old mantel over bed

My bedroom  :-)

Naturally Modern

Make this ultramodern headboard in an hour. Buy a piece of plywood from your local home supply store. Sand it, stain it, seal it, then set it behind your bed. The clean lines will help you sleep in style.

Letter Perfect

Create an alphabet headboard from letters found at crafts stores or flea markets. Choose a variety of letters, sizes, and fonts for an interesting display. Arrange letters graphically or spell out words.

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce