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I'm a Myers-Briggs type ENFJ which means I love people and have a great interest in them.

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Photo Essay: Orgosolo Murals, Sardinia’s controversial side

Orgosolo is a small, apparently sleepy, town in central-eastern Sardinia. It’s very well-known both in the island and in the rest of the country for its stormy past. This was, in fact, the place where misunderstandings would be solved with blood feuds involving entire families for generations.

Truth or legend, there is a whole oral tradition of tales around Orgosolo‘s past, although this history of violence, lawlessness and complicity is widely shared among other villages in the same territory of Nuoro‘s province, such as Mamoiada and Lula, hometown of Matteo Boe, former bandit who kidnapped seven-year-old Farouk Kassam, son of businessman Fateh Kassam, and for which crime he’s still serving twenty years of prison.

Apart from stories of bandits, murders and kidnappings, Orgosolo is famous also for its murales, a sort of street art graffiti, where local artists paint the walls of the town with stories of its past and with tales reproducing the main events of Italy’s history and world affairs. All graffiti have a strong political background, and are very controversial in the measure that they outspokenly attack historical figures studied and considered as “heroes” by mainstream media and school textbooks.

I’ve been to Orgosolo last year and I took many pictures. In this photo-essay I want to publish some of them, in the hope to give my readers an idea of what is the spirit of this village, semi-hidden in the harshest mountains of the island.

Click here for many more photos of street art:

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