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What you may expect to find here are what I consider good taste and some of the best in photography, philosophy, humor, art, architecture, food, music, poetry, literature and dance. I hope you like some of the things I enjoy.

I like anything to do with good design such as interior design, architecture, photography, and art. I enjoy philosophy and psychology. I love to figure out what makes individuals tick. Music of most all types but particularly classical, world, pop, acoustic guitar is a big part of my life and add some dance to the music and my day is great! I like to write and occasionally I will write poetry and I really love to read it out loud and I even record it sometimes.

I'm a Myers-Briggs type ENFJ which means I love people and have a great interest in them.

I guess you could say I'm a humanities kind of person. :)

Right brained vs. Left brained

I have always wondered if certain types can be considered left or right brained. Upon finding this picture, I realize that there may indeed be a correlation. You receive opposite impressions when examining the images portrayed to represent a person’s right and left hemispheres.

- The left side, where people are sitting at there desks alone, is undoubtedly the Introverted side in contrast to the social, Extraverted right side.

- On the left side of the brain, people are attending to their business in a very down-to-earth, matter-of-fact way. These desk workers are the Sensors. You can tell that the men and women on the right side are far more creative and imaginative, and therefore iNtuitive.

- The office on the left side conveys a serious, logical impression (Thinking). The garden on the right is far more expressive (Feeling).

- Lastly, the Judgers are on the left - they are working hard and putting their minds to the task at hand. The Perceivers on the opposite hemisphere are free to play and do activities at their leisure.

So it would make sense that the most left-brained type is ISTJ and the most right-brained is ENFP. The closer you are to either type, the more likely it is that you use one hemisphere over the other.

Very left-brained

Moderately left-brained


Moderately right-brained

Very right-brained

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